Mon. Aug 10th, 2020

An Easy Way to Uninstall a Program

Uninstalling programs from your computer should be easy… but often, errors and other problems can prevent you from doing it. Having a program which won’t uninstall is a big problem for many people… but luckily, there’s an easy way to do it, which even a beginner can do.

Uninstalling programs via the “traditional” route is all about using specific “uninstaller files” that come with software. These files are small programs in themselves, designed to remove the specific program from your system. The only problem with this is that these uninstaller files have been created to work on most computers, meaning that if there’s the slightest problem, they won’t work.

Having a program which won’t uninstall is nothing new… and there’s a way around it. You see, uninstaller applications that come with software, are only designed to delete a few files and registry keys. They are just automated ways of uninstalling programs, allowing people to remove applications without any hassle. However, if these uninstallers don’t work, you can manually go and do the tasks it was designed to, allowing you manually remove all traces of the program from your PC.

To manually uninstall a program, you simply need to do two things. The first is to remove all the program files which allow the program to keep running. These files ARE the program, and by deleting them, you will stop the program from operating. To do this, just click on “My Computer” and then browse to C:/PROGRAM FILES/ . Once you’ve found the folder for the program you want to uninstall, select it and press SHIFT + DELETE. This will remove all that program’s files from your system, preventing it from working.

Next, you just need to “cut” the program out of Windows. Every program is linked into Windows with a series of registry keys. These tell it where the program is installed and what it does, etc. These links are very important, and you need to remove them to make Windows “forget” about the program. To do this, you just need to search for REGEDIT.EXE on your computer, open it up and then search for the program name. When you find all the registry keys related to it, you just need to then remove all of them, effectively cutting the program out of Windows. Doing this will remove all traces of the program from your computer, allowing it to speed up and have more hard drive space.