Sat. Sep 19th, 2020

How to Blog If You Must

Many of us started blogging without having any real information about it. I started without even knowing what a keyword meant. In fact I didn’t even create my blog myself. I used to publish my articles in a local newspaper and one day a friend of mine who knows about making money online called me up and said he has created a blog for me that I should bring my writing online. And that was all he told me.

I came online, put time into writing good content and publish on my blog only to get frustrated when I wasn’t getting traffic. It was then my friend started telling me about keywords, site optimization, page indexing e.t.c. I was angry but it’s my dream to make money from home so I took time off to read and practice how to blog by starting another blog. I still got a lot of things wrong but it was better than my previous blog.

Anyway, I quickly realized that full time blogging was not for me. It’s didn’t fit into my goal on the internet. There’s too much competition, wrong information and too much time involved in seeking blog post ideas for regular blog updates.

I wanted something more organized that wouldn’t always put me on the edge. My overall online goal is to build lasting e-businesses that can eventually run themselves, bring in good income monthly with very minimal or zero efforts. Blogging wasn’t going to make that happen for me.

God answered my prayer the day my sister signed me up as an affiliate to Site Build It! 5 star affiliate program. There were so many resources provided including free ebooks. I downloaded all the ebooks and started with the Affiliate masters course. A 152 page eBook that introduced me to a lasting e-business building process called C-T-P-M Content, Traffic, Pre-sell Monetization.

It was interesting, for the first time I was reading something different. I later bought SBI and learnt more. Everything I was learning made good sense.

Why the search engines work the way they do, how to write content that pre-sells readers, how to thoroughly plan a site for profitability before starting it and so on.

SBI is an all in one website building tool.

With all these information I was well equipped. I realized why a lot of people were failing at blogging and will keep failing. I also realized that blogging doesn’t fit with most small business opportunities.

If your goal is to build a lasting business online then blogging will not give you that. You need to start a theme-based content site on something you have experience on, or a skill where you can target a group of people who will appreciate help with your experience. And write well detailed articles on the topics you cover on your niche not highlights. And build deep relationship with your readers.

Only few have discovered the real way to build lasting online business and succeeding easily.

Blogging of course fit into niches that are news related. But whatever the topic, it can be better treated and rewarding when it’s structured as a theme based content site.

But what if you want to blog and you want to do it for profit, what are the right steps to take that will guarantee success?

How to Blog for Profit

I advice you take a deeper look into blogging and ask yourself if blogging is for you. Get the free eBook ‘Blogging at a Glance’ it covers what blogging entails and answers all its myths then forces you to answer the important question: Is blogging for me?

That decision is important so that if it’s not for you, you don’t waste your time and money.

Decide what your overall goal on the internet is. If you decide afterwards that blogging appeals to you, then:

Take your time to plan what you want to achieve with your blog. Anything you intend to make you money should be planned like every other business.

What would you do if you were starting a business?

You decide whether you want to sell or render a service.

If you want to sell you decide the product, if you want to render a service you make sure you’re good at it.

You make sure there are good amount of people interested in the product you want to sell or service you want to render so you can make good profit.